AfECN funded project

In partnership with World Relief, an organization that works on child protection and nutrition issues in Malawi through awareness-raising, the ECD Coalition proposes to carry out the following activities building on the initiative that has been rolled out by UNICEF:

Project Name: COVID 19 response

Duration: One year, May 2020 – April 2021

Objective: To support the Malawi Government in promoting attitude and behavioral change of caregivers towards child development during Covid-19 pandemic.


OSISA funded project

Project Name: Influencing the Government of Malawi to honour its commitment to allocate 1% of the annual education sector budget to ECD.

Duration: Two years (May 2020 – May 2022)

Goal: To influence the Government of Malawi to honour its commitment to allocate 1% of the annual education sector budget to ECD by 2022.


  • To raise the level of community awareness in Lilongwe and Blantyre (most populous cities in the country) on the importance of ECD financing and responding to COVID-19.
  • To secure the buy-in of Policy Makers (MPs) and Senior Management Team (SMT) within the Ministry of Education about prioritizing ECD investment within the available education budget and financing the COVID-19 response.
  • To advocate for more funds within the education sector budget to be directed towards funding the training of ECD teachers
  • To strengthen the coordination of the ECD sector including the COVID-19 response

World Bank funded project

Project Name: Citizen Engagement

Citizen Engagement is a component of the Investing in Early Years Project (IEYP) project funded by the World Bank through the Ministry of Gender, Social Welfare and Community Development; Citizen Engagement is being implemented in partnership with Civil Society Organization Nutrition Alliance (CSONA) who is the grant holder.

Duration: Three and half years (January 2021 to June 2024; on annual renewal contract)

Goal: To promote active participation and ownership of the IEY project among beneficiaries by enhancing transparency and accountability among citizens and duty bearers by 2024.


To strengthen transparency and accountability in the implementation of IEY program in 13 districts by 2024; To strengthen citizen participation and dialogue through use of a comprehensive community scorecard in 13 districts by 2024; To strengthen citizen feedback mechanisms in 13 districts by 2024.

RFF funded project

Project Name: School Readiness Initiative

The project is implemented with three other partners namely Action Aid Malawi, Livingstonia Synod, Association of Early Childhood Development in Malawi and ECD Coalition Malawi.

Duration: Start-up phase of two years (August 2021 to July 2022). Full project up to 2026

Goal: To secure a good start into formal education for vulnerable children due to access to quality early childhood education and a smooth transition into primary school


  • To establish processes of joint responsibility of all stakeholders in ECD and Education from home, community, district to national level for early learners

Education Out Loud

Project Name: Transnational Networks Advocacy Capacity Strengthened for Improved ECDE Legislation, Policies and Measures in Southern Africa (TRANAC)

Duration: Two and half year (January 2021 to June2023)

The TRANAC consortium is made of up of early childhood development and education (ECDE) CSO national coalitions from Lesotho (NECDOL), the Malawi ECD Coalition and the Zimbabwe Network for Early Childhood Development Actors (ZINECDA); and co-opted national CSO coalitions from other countries in Southern Africa through information sharing and knowledge generation; The project is funded by Education Out Loud OXFAM IBIS through Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Development Actors (ZINECDA).

Goal: To develop stronger national and transnational early childhood development education (ECDE) networks that hold governments accountable on ECDE policy through learning and sustained advocacy in Lesotho, Malawi, Zimbabwe and other Southern African countries.

Objective (s):

To strengthen the internal governance and advocacy capacity of national and transnational ECDE coalitions for them to effectively demand transparency and accountability in the formulation and implementation of ECD policies and strategies related to SDG 4.2 and Global Partnership for Education (GPE) in Lesotho, Malawi, Zimbabwe and other Southern African countries over 36 months; To engage in national and transnational advocacy to influence the development of comprehensive, sustainable, and inclusive ECDE policies, legislation and systems by governments in Lesotho, Malawi, Zimbabwe and other Southern African countries over 36 months; To improve the availability of ECDE data through research, monitoring, and evaluation for use at national and transnational levels in advocacy, learning, and decision making on the attainment of SDG 4.2 and GPE (ECDE) targets in Lesotho, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and other Southern African countries over 36 months.

Our Current Donors

Current Donors includes: Africa Early Childhood Development Network (AfECN), Open Society Initiatives of Southern Africa (OSISA), Rodger Federer Foundation (RFF), World Bank, and Education Out Loud (EOL) OXFAM IBIS.